Bruges & Brussels.

When in Belgium, eat and eat and eat. This past week is a blur of photos, food, beer, and train rides. I took a spontaneous trip to Brussels with a new friend of mine who also loves exploring and photographing everything. This is my first adventure with someone who shares my same obsession. We gawked at every animal we saw, adventured to an adorable little Flemish town called Bruges and bought post cards for ourselves. We didn't try to avoid being tourists in the slightest - why not eat all of the waffles, fries, chocolate and beer? Why not get drunk and take instant photos in a bar with over 3000 beers to choose from? Of my few journeys so far, this trip inspired me the most. Maybe it's because there are beautiful cafes everywhere and precious buildings of all different colors. Or maybe it's because I had great company. Regardless, I will always remember this little trip as a perfect one.

I have to say my favorite details of the trip were in Bruges. Sarah knew of a little cafe called Vero cafe where I got the best hot chocolate of my entire life. They gave us warm milk and we mixed it ourselves. The atmosphere and presentation were so perfect.
We also climbed the Belfry tower (366 steps) to see all of Bruges. It was a little fee but so worth it and a lot easier than you would expect.
Brussels & Bruge both had adorable little lace shops everywhere and tiny antique stores. Cobblestone streets only. I was suprised that there were 4 different languages being spoken (French, German, Dutch and English) and got kind of nervous and reverted to my good ol' English. I think because of this, the locals were a lot less friendly to me. Maybe I was just a little unlucky, but I actually find the French to be more polite.

I kept thinking about how I loved Belgium, but how I was so excited to arrive back "home". There is something about France that I miss every time I leave. I realized that the home I was thinking about was Bordeaux, and I am so happy to have become so comfortable in only 2 months. Taking trips to Portugal and Belgium has been a perfect little splash of color, but arriving back in my little colorless Bordeaux warms my heart in a way I can't describe.



  1. Oh, lovely photos from your trips. I loved the architecture al the houses seem to have! And those ice-creams at the beginning look so delicious. It is curious to hear about politeness in Belgium and France, I have never been to the first one so that surprised me! Have a lovely week,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  2. Thanks so much! They are actually waffles under all of that whipped cream. You should definitely give belgium a try, such a peaceful cute country.

  3. that first picture. argh! and how do you choose what to order from 3000 types of beeers? just thinking about it drives me crazy. I might end up with a cup of coffee ;)


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