Travel advice from a semi.

In France there is the amazing "co-voiturage" service, Blablacar where you can ride in someone's car & pay way, way less for your journey than traveling with a train. I was riding in a Blablacar to Perigeux the other day and in front of us was a semi with a beautiful river and people canoeing and nature and trees. The driver told me that this place was called Domme and that I should visit it during my last few days in France. This is another cool thing about co-voiturage - you get insider secrets on awesome places in the area. I told him "yeah, yeah maybe I'll check it out." (or some other broken-french equivalent) but the strangest part is that I said yes and I actually did it. If you find yourself in Dordogne someday, which I highly advise, it's worth the little trip to see Domme. We stopped in this little commune called "Les Eyzies" where the first Cro-Magnon skeletons were found and there are pre-historic rock dwellings. Dordogne is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

The canoe was cheap, the water was nice & the overall experience was perfect.

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