10 unconventional things to love about Fall.

You know what, I had an incredible summer as usual. I got a great tan, I paid my dues at the beach, I floated a river, I went to California, I slept in, I stayed up late, I hung out with my friends, I went to fairs and farmer's markets, I tried surfing, I wore out my bikini, etc. But you know what, it was time for summer to go and the only thing I really have left to say to summer at this point is "bye felicia."
You know what girls love about fall, here's what's all over pinterest right now:

But I think there are a few other things that often get overlooked when girls are swooning over their pumpkin spice lattes and oversized sweaters. A lot of it lies in what you DON'T have to do in Fall.

1. You don't have to wear colorful clothing. It felt so good to paint my nails black again and wear a completely black outfit today for the first day of school. Not that you can't wear black in summer, but if you spend all that time in the sun you really don't want to. It's so hard for me to force myself to wear bright orange nails all summer because it compliments my gorgeous, sunkissed skin (just kidding, kind of). Now, my paisley friend, accent your milky skin with some BLACK polish. Be a ghoul, it's whatever now.

2. You don't have to rock the natural look anymore. Today I got to pound on the foundation, the highlighter, the contour, the blush, all of it. I can attempt to look like a porcelain doll now without foundation running down my face and making me look like Robert Smith. Also, my face won't be 10 shades lighter than the rest of my body. Party.

3. You don't have to exercise as much (or at all). Because you're "too busy" with school and work and baking delicious treats. Come on girl, get a little fat. You know you want to eat pumpkin everything and you know what? You can. You don't have to go to the beach and have a food baby in the shape of a piece of pie. In fact, you could probably eat the entire pie and no one would ever be able to tell underneath that chunky sweater.

4. You don't have to shave your legs anymore. Unless you want to, I suggest not doing it. I guess I just have one question, why would you?

5. You don't have to hangout with your friends. Okay, that sounds bad. I really love you guys okay, but sometimes I love my cat more. And baths. And reading. And just hiding from everything. Fall/winter are great seasons for the introvert.

6. You don't have to drink watered down iced coffee anymore. You can get iced coffee and the ice won't melt within 10 minutes. You also have the option of drinking hot coffee, which is something summer robbed you of. At this point you're probably pretty glad it's fall, right?

7. You don't have to freak out if you forgot to put on deodorant. Whatever, it happens, and you won't be offending any coworkers because you have so many layers between you and the outside world that no one will be able to tell. And if you play your cards right and refrain from anything resembling exercise, you won't be sweating anyway.

8. You don't have to watch how you sit. With shorts, skirts, summer dresses and crop tops you have to be pretty mindful of how much of you is showing. Do you have 6 rolls as opposed to the normal 2 if you're sitting up straight? Are your legs wide open while sitting at your desk? So what?! Nobody will have any idea.

9. You don't have to do fun things. Has anyone ever asked, "So what did you do this Fall?" NO! Because they already know what you did -- stayed indoors, watch Seinfeld, pet your cat and shopped online for things you can't afford. You won't ever disappoint yourself/anyone else in your expectations for fall because you probably didn't have any anyway.

10. You don't have to avoid comfort. You can sleep with 3 huge blankets on your bed, the window open and a St. Bernard puppy if you want and you will actually be able to sleep. You can actually hold your boyfriend's hand without being pissed that he's making you sweat. You can cook dinner without hating everything. You can even take a hot shower without any of the repercussions.


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