Je Reste Ghetto

So I'm in the process of getting lavender hair. You can't really be living the lavlife unless you have lavender hair, right? At first I thought it would be a good idea to do it at home gradually. I got 2 bleaches in and realized no, I can't live up to how sassy this blonde process requires me to be. Pretty much the only look I can rock right now is the ghetto white girl. I would recommend every girl try this at some point in her life - it's a real rush.

Requirements: Skin tight pants, Giant gold hoops, dark purple lipstick, as much sass as you can muster, Oh. And hair bleach.

 (this is what sassy girls do, right?)

Unfortunately this experience has basically taught me that there isn't a ghetto bone in my body.
But I can listen to this French song "Je reste Ghetto"  (Translation: "I stay ghetto") and pretend right?

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