For those of us who appreciate coffee day in and day out - National Coffee Day isn't a huge deal. That's because to us, every day is National Coffee Day. Yeah, I would have loved to be at a cat cafe in Paris, drinking something pumpkin, speaking french while a kitten was "miaou"ing in my ear to celebrate. The reality is that I was in finance, operations management and statistics classrooms relying on my good friend coffee to keep my eyes open. I did read a list of places to celebrate here which is something I would definitely recommend checking out. I have an obsession with finding abstract businesses and I can't wait to visit some of these one day.

That being said, I really owe coffee a lot. I owe coffee probably my whole paycheck, because it's the only reason I haven't been fired for being a grump. I owe coffee my friendships, because it is the source of  energy I have to see humans after going to school full time while working and planning a 6 month escapade to France. My college career? Yep. It's all because of coffee.

Coffee has paid my bills (barista life ain't easy), has been my heater and my air conditioning and my reason for getting out of bed a lot of mornings. I love cold brew, I love espresso, I love the french press, I love toddy, I love lattes and drip coffee and white coffee and the smell of a freshly opened bag of beans. I made some of my best friends while working at a coffee stand, it was my first job when I moved to Bellingham and it introduced me to so many new people.

I would love to hear any coffee recipes you love, spots you think I should try etc!

PS try a lavender latte. xoxo.

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