Holga Lens & Delicious Chai

So we have all heard this old Bukowski quote, "Find what you love and let it kill you". I love Bukowski except when he makes me depressed. This is the most depressing way I can think of phrasing "find what you love & make it the center of your world." So whether you let it kill you or you just enjoy doing it, make sure you are doing what you love. (But for the record, I am willing to die for candy.)

This weekend I took some time to do what I love. While I probably could have spent the entire time studying & still not been caught up, I've finally realized that balance is important.  I saw friends I don't see often, I dyed my hair purple, and I took photos.

My boyfriend & I like to go and take pictures together. He told me about this abandoned train station in the Naval shipyard in Bangor, Washington. This weekend we made it a point to go out there and take photos. I recently bought a cheap holga lens for my Canon & Figured this was a perfect opportunity to try it out. My favorite part was how the little delicate flowers contrasted with all the old crummy junk. It was such a neat place.

I also made time to go to a coffee place in the University District in Seattle. It's called Trabant and it has the best chai I have ever had. Ever! And they do beautiful latte art that will make your whole day. I haven't been to the U-District since I left UW 4 years ago. But if you ever find yourself in seattle, do yourself & get a sweet chai from Trabant.

I'm so glad that between all of the things I am trying to juggle, I made some time for things that make me genuinely happy.

Oh, and proof that I actually changed my appearance for once!
I am in the process of doing a lavender ombre with my hair. For now, it's this magenta-ish dark purple which is a huge step up from the urine-like shade I had to sport for a few weeks. I also got my nose pierced again this weekend because I was feeling wild. Go crazy.

What have you done this week that made you happy?


  1. I like your post title better than the quote on that first photo. Ha! Great pictures and you're so pretty.
    Would you like to follow each other?


    1. Thanks darling! I would love to :3


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