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Well, midterms week is over & I definitely have a midterm hangover. The pressure is higher than ever because I absolutely need to pass these classes to graduate after my time in France, and I've been having a hard time keeping up. During times of stress I usually neglect my blog & spend too much time on instagram. I haven't really gotten a chance to bust out my "real" camera since I had to start studying. Luckily I'm headed to San Fran at the end of this week for my Visa, then it's thanksgiving break so I can get back to posts! I'm seriously so excited for San Francisco, I've never been! Have you? What are your favorite spots? I'm thinking Japan-town is a must.
We are also going to Napa Valley (insert wine emoji). Any reccomendations?!

Anyway, I have managed to snapped a few photos on the 'gram recently (I never neglect to) & here they are. The top right picture is from the other day when my boyfriend & I each got a cookie and ate it at the waterfront and held hands. Sappy.

Other exciting news is that I dropped my French courses in France. I told myself that I wanted to be a French master, but I think that is just the nerd in me who is used to studying non-stop. Seriously, why study French in a classroom when I could go to a cafe & eavesdrop?!

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