{Visas & Vineyards}

It's time to give some thanks! That means I get a few days off of school to relax and to "start studying for midterms" shoot me. I am so excited to actually make something I have pinned onto my pinterest baking board, take some photos and of course to post on this blog! I have been having a hard time keeping up but all of that will change in due time.

So, once I got over the fact that the only French consulate nearby was all the way in San Francisco I got pretty excited that I "had" to go to California for it. I convinced my boyfriend to come with me for a weekend vacationish type thing. What a successful weekend! We flew into San Francisco where I got my visa (that was the last step between me and France y'all!), we visited Japan-town & then we took a ferry to Vallejo where we were picked up by a couple of friends. We spent the next couple of days eating good food, looking at beautiful napa valley & getting wine drunk. Okay. Maybe only I got wine drunk. But I can't think of a better rushed weekend.

After these photos were shot, my brand new Fujifilm Instax fell off my neck & broke. Hahah.
I definitely plan on returning to Northern California in the future & diving further into San Fran & Napa. What are your favorite areas of NorCal?

In other news I have started to gear up to leave - I scheduled for my phone and car insurance to be shut off, canceled my ipsy membership (boo). Being at the French consulate really made it hit me, I can't believe I am leaving for 6 whole months. I guess I had too much time waiting there but I am beginning to think that this trip is going to change me in some ways. I won't have access to familiarity or comfort, no boyfriend or close friends. I kind of have to turn off my tendency to stay inside and hide and avoid new people like the plague. I think it will be really good for me to have some time with myself, maybe I will learn to be nicer to myself, to slow down and to appreciate things more fully. 

Aaaaand I chopped my hair off & dyed it all lavender. It's hair to tell but it's a long bob & I'm slightly in love with it. The best part is I did it all myself and it isnt even too fried!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! What's your favorite thanksgiving dish?!
xoxo, Fal.


  1. Duude! Your hair! It looks so amazing! What a great way to sort of 'celebrate' getting your visa, I remember that being the most satisfying feeling - but also scary! Like, yea I got my visa so I would be able to go for sure, but also, holy crap I'm going!

    My fella (at the time my friend) was really supportive before I left and when I said I was scared of feeling so uncomfortable and alone, he reminded me that situations in which we're uncomfortable are the ones we grow in! So, sounds like you're approaching this with a great attitude :) I'm excited for you !!!!!

    1. Thank you darling! I'm so glad I have a reader who has gone through this before. Did you have to travel far for yours? My heart was seriously racing during my appointment. I am getting so excited! I am getting sad to leave my fella tho!


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