{End of an era}

The other day my advisor asked me what I wouldn't miss while I was in France and I drew a blank. I sat there with the gears turning in my head for a few seconds and I said "going to school here", which was a preposterous lie. I am welcoming change in my school and work life but I am going to miss every part of this little life that I have created for myself up north. While I'll still have to do school most of the time that I'm in France, never again will I be studying at Haggard Hall, doing homework at Woods Coffee, going downtown and playing Nintendo-64 at Glow, or living near all of the incredible people that I met up here. As the days between me and my flight to Bordeaux are dwindling, my love for Bellingham is not.

Honestly, living here has changed me as a person. Maybe that's part of going away to college, but I found out so much about myself while living here. Most of what I have found out is how utterly independent I am, how I love exploring alone and how I will not take no for an answer even when I should.

 Among the things I'll miss the most are the cute little lamps scattered across campus that make me feel like a Harry Potter character when they're lit up at night. I'll miss bundling up against Bellingham's ice-cold wind chill, walking out of evening classes to a colorful sunset and always giving into buying a warm coffee during the winter months. I'll miss the contrast of the bare trees on campus with the blue sky during winter,trudging through muck and pine needles in rainboots and admiring the oldest buildings at Western. I will even miss the way everything dies and comes back to life througout the year.

I am in love with this place, but I'm ready to move on. I'm so thankful for all the memories I've made here, but I'm nearing my last few days and I am ready to see what this next chapter holds for me. Stay tuned for a post about my favorite things in Bellingham, outside of WWU.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine


  1. I moved so many times and lived in so many places after I finished my high school, I was in a boarding school for 2 years and from there on I have never been in my family home longer than 2 months. it's hard to leave a place when you've made so much memories (and oh how much have I cried!!) but it's bittersweet - on to a new place, new adventures :) enjoy x

  2. This is really sweet! I lived in the same city my entire life before moving to Paris, so I actually realized how much I loved my hometown when I came BACK!

    You must be so excited for your adventure - it's coming up fast huh?!

    1. It's only 17 days away! I'm starting to think about what I'm going to bring and whatnot, eeeeep! This is my college town, I'm going to move to my true hometown when I come back but it's good to know that I won't just be so depressed to return~ hahah


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