{Lisbonne, continuée]

What a trip Lisbon was. My body apparently couldn't handle anymore partying all night/exploring all day, so now I have a souvenir disguised as sickness. It was definitely worth it to meet people from all over the world and celebrate with them until the wee hours. I'm starting to realize that maybe all of Europe is just elaborate and constantly asking to be photographed. Portugal is beautiful in it's own way. Everything is more colorful than France, people dress with more variety, cat calling is a thing and apparently staring is not considered rude. Seriously, if you want to feel like the belle of the ball, head over to Lisbon. This time of year, you could get away without a coat during the day which would never fly in bordeaux. You can also get gelato in the shape of a flower, and every sort of random tid bit comes in cork form - umbrellas, purses, backpacks, hats - even postcards. I saw the most talented graffiti pieces I've ever seen, visited the most expensive church in the entire world and gazed down over Lisbon from the top of a castle. I saw the Golden Gate Bridge's twin sister.

 Inside Sao Roque Church - The most expensive church in the entire world. I can't believe I laid eyes on that much gold, especially when the exterior of the building is completely plain.

 Lisbon Cathedral
 Castle of S. George - Possibly the most excited I've been about life at one single moment.

 25 De Abril Bridge - The Golden Gate Bridge's twin sister
Jeronimos Monastery

Belem Tower

I am so glad that Portugal was so wonderful, beautiful, affordable and perfect for a quick get away in the middle of school. So excited to explore other parts of europe.


  1. I'm so glad you loved my city! Is beautiful, I know! :)
    Next time you have to visit the north of Portugal, Porto. Is a very beautiful city and different of Lisbon!

  2. beautiful! love these photos, especially the one of you at the Castle of S. George. so happy :)


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