b e r l i n.

Recently I went to Berlin. I actually had no intentions of visiting Germany during my time here, the opportunity just sort of presented itself and there I was. For 9 whole days. Berlin is a party city full of hipsters. To some people this might be pretty ideal but as, a girl who prefers sharing milk & cookies with a cat to getting smashed in clubs that never close, it wasn't my scene.

In a nutshell, I liked Berlin. But Everywhere else I have been in Europe, I have loved.
There was the good: vintage shops, cute stores filled with odds & ends, a pretty park or two, creepy abandoned places.
There was the bad: people doing crack in the streets, unattractive buildings,  the food, the sad overall feel of the story & history of  Berlin.

For me, the coolest parts of Berlin were the random little things we stumbled upon and not so much the tourist attractions. 

It's possible to find a nice, pretty coffee in Berlin in plenty of charming cafes. I also tried Currywurst because it was the only traditional German food I had ever heard of.

One of the places I wouldn't miss in Berlin is Viktoriapark. Everyone loves waterfalls, everyone loves lazing around in a beautiful park like a sloth. Just go if you're there. Be lazy in Berlin. That was my favorite part of my vacation - not that much cool stuff to see so I had time to just relax.

Right near Viktoriapark was the cutest neighborhood I saw in all of Berlin. Here we stumbled upon endless vintage shops, sweet cafes & oddity shops filled with shit you don't need but you really want sitting on your dresser.

Really, though my favorite things in Berlin are the creepy abandoned things. Naturally I wanted to pay money (around15 euro), take a train and go to a little neighboring town called Beelitz  because I read a bunch of terrifying stories online about ghosts and savage murderers. There's an abandoned military hospital with about 60 complexes called Beelitz-Heilst├Ątten. Hitler was treated in this hospital in 1916. There was graffiti & a cremation device and everything was decayed. I could have taken photos forever. It was a good idea. I heard noises. I swear I'm not a liar.

The other abandoned place we snuck into was Spreepark -- a theme park complete with roller coasters, waterslides and dinosaur statues. When it opened in 1969 it was East Germany's only amusement parks. When the Berlin wall fell visitors fells as well and eventually the owners ditched it. Now it's got a very poky fence around it (seriously, ow) but it's worth climbing it to listen to the scary noise the ferris wheel makes as the wind pushes it around all day long & imagine what it was like when it was open.

I would really recommend Berlin if you're into kind of morbid beauty and are okay with a little dysfunction.


  1. Berlin looks stunning, especially with that coffee!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. It's a neat place for sure :-)

  2. oh gosh, so much character in those abandoned places! looks like a perfect place to wander about x


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