Instagram photodump - #1.

I've been doing weird things instead of writing on here. I've been finishing my classes at my university (I had 60 hours of class last week), I've been thinking a lot, scheming, preparing for my move back to the states and trying to get ready for real life or whatever. I've also been getting in trouble by my landlords, baking cookies for French people because they don't really exist here, going to a strawberry & flower festival, visiting gardens and daydreaming about making a little semi-permanent nest for myself somewhere. I've been going to the park with a monsterous french bulldog, making a Bordeaux bucket list for my last week here and realizing that maybe the universe is on my side because I haven't gained any weight despite all the chocolatines.

In the middle of all of this, I have only really had time to take instagram photos instead of "real" ones. I'm not exactly sure when I realized how cumbersome lugging around all my cameras & lenses is but I've kind of slowed down.
So, here is a little collection of what I've been doing lately in Europe - in tiny square photos.

If you had 2 weeks left in France, what would you make sure you did?!

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