Switching gears.

The past couple days I've looked over this blog and kind of wandered what my purpose is for writing here. At first I tried doing what other people do - random tips on random things in life. I realized earlier today that I am the last person on earth that should be giving advice on life. But you know what, I like it that way. I have always found my charm in doing things wrong and living to tell the tale. I am not a beauty, fashion, or life expert but I can form a decent sentence, take a decent photo and I'm really good at thinking too much. I have always had issues with blogs because there's a degree of fakeness involved, and I don't do fake.

Now I've realized that knowing that I had a little space to compile my words, thoughts & photographs of my journey has really kept me focused on noticing the details. I always have my eye out for neat spots, beautiful scenery & words to describe my experiences.  Having this blog has subconsciously motivated me to find things that please my senses so that I can write about them later. When I look back at previous posts where I tried out all the different things that bloggers do I actually get a bit embarrassed. I don't know about life - I don't have life figured out and I really, really love that I don't.
From here on out I will focus on adventures and tips on adventuring and other helpful things that inspire myself and others to pay attention. These are my opinons and my feelings and you can use them as a filter for your own, or not.

This is not a "lifestyle" blog. Because my lifestyle is clumsy and sometimes disorganized and I'm 23 and I hardly know how to cut an onion. But I am excited to continue to use this space to do the dirty work & find gems to motivate me and you.


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  1. So much love for this post, Fal. I've been 'all over the place' too with my blog but I find that just doing whatever I love doing, is what makes me happy. keeping them memories to look back to <3
    have fun xx



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